Simple question about QU-ax

first sorry for my bad english, second I decided to buy new 20’’ unicycle I want KH but for now it’s to expensive for me, but QU-ax seems like a good choice. I was thinking about Qu-ax 20" cross (with red hub) because price is ok and i think for starting to jump and drop it is good choice. But now i was wondering after some time can I upgrade hub with Hub - Qu-ax Splined 48 Hole (yellow one) or some KH hub or nimbus or any better hub?

Again sorry for my bad english!

If you are begging with jumps and drops then the Cross/red hub should definitly be strong enough for you; and a good choice for the price.

Yes you can upgrade to the yellow hub with it no problem (KH hub has different amount of spokes).

The only problem, I think, is the Cross has a 20" BMX style rim and to upgrade to a trials tire you need a new rim too (“Real” trials tire is really 19", must have a 19" trials rim). But, you can always upgrade a rim too if you ever need it.

Thank you for answer, I have one more question this is little obvious but i need to make sure.

Can I change rim to some KH trial and then buy KH hub?

you would have to change both at the same time… KH rims are 36 hole and qu ax are 48