(SIMPLE) Help with brake choice

I think that I would benefit from a brake on my quite old uni, I have found other threads confusing and I need to know what brakes are cheapest and/or easiest to put on to the uni.

Edit: I don’t know if I will get brakes, but I just want to run through the options

You’ll need to give some info on what the unicycle is before anyone can recommend brake options.


Oh ok

The key factors that will guide what brakes can possibly installed on this uni:
=> does the fork has some brake mounts around the crown (for maguras) or above the bearing cage (for disk brakes) ?
=> what interface is the hub (square, isis or quaxle) ?

Based on these, you will know if you can use an easy solution, a custom solution or a convoluted one :yum:

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please take 2 or 3 photos of your unicycle where you can clearly see the back of the fork


My trials has brake mounts but the muni doesn’t :sob:

No Magura mounts for rim brakes and not a disc hub makes it quite expensive.

If the hub interface is ISIS then you could reuse the rim, buy a new ISIS (or q-axle) disc hub and new spokes and nipples and rebuild the wheel. Then add a d`brake adapter and mount any hydraulic disc brake. Might also be possible with square tapper cranks (as an ISIS hub has larger bearings) but you would need special size bearings to make the ISIS hub fit the frame (not sure if they exist) and obviously new cranks … and then a complete new uni might be cheaper and better (avoiding the d’brake adapter and odd size bearings)

Another option would be to get a new frame with Magura mounts and get some hydraulic v brakes. But this only works if your rim is intended for rim brakes (have flat sides) and your rim looks like it’s a disc rim (with a round profile) so that might be a dead end.


Ok, it wasn’t essential anyway, I was just looking at my options. Thank you though.

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Looks like the by far easiest and cheapest solution would be an other (new or used) frame with magura mounts. For all disc brake solutions you would need to change the hub to an ISIS or q-Axle one, as mentioned above. If you like to tinker, there are some adapter solutions for rim brakes on the market (e.g. sth like this) but they include a lot of fiddling and are often more expensive than just a new frame.
When you also aim for a different crank length (maybe you can go shorter when having a brake), the you should think about a setup with another hub since it is hard to impossible to find cranks for your hub nowadays.
Another option would be to look for a used unicycle that is already eqipped with brakes. Maybe you can track down one in our trading post section.

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