Simple but effective?

haha nice try Phil! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody round here ever wheel walk a 3 wheeler?

Not a tricycle. I think the term is “triverticycle”

Yeah, I have wheel walked a 3wheeler. It is much the same as ww a ‘normal’ uni, if anything it is easier!

I think a 3 wheeler will be my next uni…


A mount…

I’ve found that free (or ‘suicide’) mounting gets quite a few gasps of surprise. Especially if you can do it without taking very long to balance the uni before jumping on…

I find that crowds are most impressed by giraffe riding. You don’t even have to do anything fancy, but you get a huge number of reactions. I rode my 5’ Giraffe today and I got countless waves, toots, thumbs ups, peace signs, and comments, mostly from people I didn’t know, and a loud “GO ROWAN” from someone I knew from school.

You are not the only one sad enough to do it. I’ve done a bit of bobbing before and I agree with you, it does feel weird. I dunno if it would please a crowd or not, but it must look funny.

I think spins are quite impressive to your average person and they’re actually surprisingly easy to do, especially on a freestyle unicycle. If you want to learn them really quickly start with a hockey stick and get yourself into the spin by jamming it down on the ground and turning round it.

From what I’ve seen, wheel walking doesn’t impress normal people at all, they tell you how stupid you are and ask if you can actually ride the unicycle properly.