Simple but effective?

Has anyone got any tricks in their “bag” that impress people who don’t uni apart from just riding.I do trials and that impresses people and i did try one foot riding but no joy what tricks do simpletons like?

I’m a simpleton. I find a rolling 180 degree hop / spin is probably the best “trick” I can do, and tends to get some good feedback.

I just hope I don’t go past anyone twice, because if they ask for another different trick I’m stuck.


no way do you remember that guy on saturday he was blown away with ur trials skills you can do some really cool stuff phil!

But that’s not a lot of good if there aren’t any trials gubbins to play on, or if I’m on the muni (ie. most of the time)…


Jumping rope is the most effective crowd pleaser. It’s easy yet Joe Public finds it very impressive. But I don’t carry a jump rope along with me when just riding around so that trick doesn’t work for impromptu feats of public display.

If I could uni spin I’d do that.

One foot riding and one foot idling is a good show off skill. Throw in some foot variations, like crossing your leg while idling, for added effect.

Spins are good, but I can’t do spins on my muni or trials uni. I can only do spins on my freestyle uni.

Wheel walking is one, but I’m not good at getting back to the pedals. Until I’m consistent with it, it’s not a skill that’s going to go into my little bag of tricks for public display.

a kick-up mount usually gets a reaction

The single most impressive skill I’ve seen is a guy who could stay in place, stock still, without rocking (idling) or bouncing, just the slightest little jukes to stay upright and in balance. I can do that for about 1 second befor I want to strart rocking/idling. The others (non-unicyclists) were wondering just how this guy could do that while a bunch of trials guys were hopping up the side of a building. There was something so simple and elegant about this “frozen man” skill I’ve found myself wanting to learn how.


I’m about a much of a dufus as there is when it come to uni. After watching some of the vids on the net, I find that wheelwalking thing to be pretty impressive. Since I am so new, I have no idea how hard it is, but it sure looks cool.


hopping up stairs, unispins, hopping down stairs, ww, and anything on a skinny, especially backwards or ww.

Wheel walking is one of my favourite tricks but it doesn’t always get a good reaction. Someone it get s a great one but once I was wheel walking and somebody asked if I could ride that thing. :slight_smile:


I often do stair sets. There’s a 5 set near my school that’s a crowd pleaser, along with a 4" wide skinny that’s really easy. I find long rolling gaps onto curbs are often good, and if they want more, wheelwalking is surefire, especially since I’ve gotten going back to pedals down. If I could do it, standup ww would be good. Noone ever appreciates gliding:( . Trials is also goodf, but I won’t do more than 20" unless I’ve got pads. I also like seat dragging, as people get really surprised to just let my seat fall out.

Re: Simple but effective?

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:31:25 -0600, thinuniking wrote:

>Has anyone got any tricks in their “bag” that impress people who don’t
>uni apart from just riding.

A few hops in place work wonders. Truely simple and effective.

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yeah kivk up mount’s work my friend had universe for 1 night and there is so many good tricks but he said " that guy who kicks his unicycle is amazing"
I was just like err what about dan heaton?

make that three votes for the kick-up mount
no unicyclist should be without one

i have one that i made up but it s not very good,
what you do is you ride along and stand up in your seat then sit down again, then stand up then sit down and so on and you kind of look like your bobbing along i’ve never actually seen anyone do it probably becasue i’m the only person sad enough to do it!
but it feels weird and its fun :slight_smile:

never know until you try, happy bobbing!

Go fast on a Coker or ride a mountain bike trail. These both work every time :@)}

My crowd pleasers are:

unispin (90 and 180)
trials stuff (like on benches, walls etc)
riding down steps/hoping up them
180 spin into backwards riding

and Giraffe riding! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Mounting Giraffe! This went down really well at the pantomime!


I think a trick i’d really like to see is someone wheel walking… a giraffe!


One that usually gets a reaction is riding straight for the person who asked about tricks and stopping within a foot of them. Then ride backwards away from them. I usually get a pretty good reaction from just spinning as well.

Saw Roger do that today… :stuck_out_tongue:

cough splutter