Simon Berry - Spring 2011 - Street/Flat

Hey Guys

I was going to make a full length impressive edit out of this, but my camera broke, and the quality was never amazing in the first place.
So i put this together with some of the clips I had filmed anyway!

Make sure to watch in HD, and enjoy!

Quadflip, treysidedouble, and a lot of other awesome tricks, great video!

why give away the big tricks before people have seen the video?

nice video simon :slight_smile: some cool clips in there. the drops where crazy… keep up the good work

Nice video mate, fun to watch.

Gotta ask though, did you land that last trick?

NICCCEE Simon, sick video, but i to am wondering about last clip?

he nearly did, but not quite :slight_smile: i’ve seen the raw footage
very very nice video simon, enjoyable to watch :slight_smile:

loved it bro! you need to make more videos :slight_smile:

what was the name of the song by the way?