simon berry-540 unispin!

i landed my first 5spin about an hour ago. this has hopeully also got me 3rd in the 540 comp! This was the second one i landed but 1st one on film

apoligies for the lighting but its unnaturally dark at 4pm nowadays in the uk!

you look so happy after this:D


yeah i go a bit insane when i get a new trick!

nicceeeeee. clean. awesome:D

loads of people say my spins are clean. i think its beacuse i land them seat in, i just find it really hard seat inn front

EDIT: where are my manners, thamks everyone for the compliments,

im gonna go and practise them again now!

Yeah it was really clean and awesome that you learnd it seat in !! :astonished:

landing them seat in just seems more natural to me.

If you land a unispin seat in does that make it an inspin? or am i completely wrong?

no thats correct if i had understand your question right :roll_eyes:
a inspin is a unispin to seat in:D

yes, it is;)

Nice! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Maybe in a few years I’ll be doing one of those…