Similar to the death grip or v grip for nimbus or kh?

I don’t have the time or tools to make great custom handle bar setups i’ve drooled over seen from you guys.

I was wondering if any company makes that wallis death grip / vgrip style handles?

I like how its not too flashy, saving on weight, and one handed (i always use my left).

My nimbus front bumper is ok to grab on to but i realized it looks like im grabbing on to my tool.

I obviously don’t care how i look but i ride mostly at the park and there are kids… I dont want to be that guy.

Plus i think the grip would make it easier on my body.

For a while UDC US, had left handed Reeder handles. They aren’t on the site anymore, but maybe they have one banging around. They may be for a Miyata saddle though.