Simga BC2006 MHR, Anyone?

Anyone used one of these?

It looks pretty cool; heart rate monitor as well as cycle computer. (No, I don’t want a GPS, too expensive and I’d have to buy a heart rate monitor separately).

I was thinking of using one of these on my 36" wheel. Anyone know what the comparability of the Sigma computers is like when in comes to programming in the wheel size?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

i have an earlier sigma1106 on my 36er (sans the heart rate monitor) and it was very easy to program in the wheel size- just do a roll-out test (preferrably 20 or so revs with you actually riding it- to account for tyre compression, measure and divide by revs. A handy way of minimalising error)
hope that helps,

Well, I found a few reviews, and after reading those and talking to a cycle shop, I think I might avoid Sigma (or at least their wireless models). Seems the quality you get is luck of the draw, with odds not being in your favour…

Instead I’m looking at a Polar CS300, which I’ve found for what seems a reasonable price (about US$160)

FWIW, I can’t help with the specific model you mention, but I’ve used various Sigma computers on my bikes over the past decade or more. Mostly BC800 and BC700, one with wireless, the rest wired. Never had any problems with them. They don’t seem so common around here now, with CatEye taking over (which I also have a couple of and found to be equally good).


Thanks napalm and Rob.

I have now decided on the Polar CS300, for a few reasons:

  • I've heard lots of good stuff about them.
  • I found one for a good price (below what I thought they would cost originally, and not too much more than the Sigma).
  • The screen is on the watch, so I don't have to worry about mounting that part anywhere.
  • Being a watch, and water resistant, I can also use it for swimming, which I do.

I’ll let people know what I think about it when I get it (coming from England I think, so not sure how long it’ll take to get here).