silly place names

I’ve started doing something on my long training rides - collecting silly place names.

Last week I went to a place called Bunny.

Today I’ve just ridden to Leek and back. A jolly nice ride too, even if Staffordshire was not as expected(*) and the bottom of the Peak District was a bit bumpy like.

Does anyone else have silly place names that don’t sound like place names that they ride to?


(*)Staffordshire is famous for canals. I figure it shouldn’t be so darn hilly. It isn’t a good thing to have in the middle of a rather long ride.

You realize there are Americans posting here, right? Man, we got the silly place names. I haven’t ridden there, but I have been through Toad Suck Arkansas.

Silly, Innit?

My Nan Lives on a road called Bell End …

yeah, too bad us Canadians don’t have such funny names. People in Dildo, Newfoundland don’t know what funny is!

Wow, those are some silly names. If you were to ride to them and back (from where you live), you’ll be able to count them in the silly name game.


Never ridien there but, how 'bout

F*CKING, Austria (it’s pronounced FOOKING)

Austria is indeed home to a town called ‘F*cking’ (48’ 03"N 13’ 51"E).


i know a guy that lives on the corner of Fawk and Yew streets.

Wikipedia has a long list of funny names.

Re: silly place names

joemarshall wondered:
> Does anyone else have silly place names that don’t sound like place
> names that they ride to?

I posted a ride report on uk.rec.cycling last year that someone
responded to by commenting on how silly some of the place names were:

This is the place to find silly place names (in the UK, anyway):

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

There are two villages near Eastbourne called Upper Dicker and Lower Dicker, it looks like I will have to ride to them now for them to qualify, and there is an area in Friston Forest where I muni alot which up and till recently was called Butchershole Bottom, but then they changed it to Buthershole, the spoil sports.

How about Silly, Belgium? Never been there, but there is a brewery there. :smiley:

I remember doing a bus tour that went along the Piddle River and one of the stops was in Tincleton, when I was in the south of England for a week long Ballroom Dance event. There is also Piddlehinton, Puddleton, and Turners Puddle (obviously, Turner was a bad boy).

Also nearby is the Cerne Abbas Giant, you know, the one with the seven foot penis. He might be the source of the Piddle River :astonished: :wink:

climax, michigan

sounds like a good thread for the “Just Conversation” forum…

man o war (i forget if its a street ave drive road or what) I’ll get a picture of it some time.

I grew up in Kalamazoo and always giggled at the “Climax–1-1/2 miles” sign.

Intercourse, PA

Bird-in-Hand, PA

And it’s indeed spelled FUCKING. As I come from Austria, I know that they are really having heavy troubles with their road signs. People who visit Fucking steal the road sign with the Village’s name on it, to have it as a souvenier.
But honestly, Fucking doesn’t mean anything in German :slight_smile:


It’s not really a silly name, but I do get funny looks from people when I tell them that I go riding at Vietnam on the weekends.

No fair, I wanted to do Toad Suck, Arkansas. Okay then how about Potscamp (pots camp) Mississippi.

Dorking in Surrey, England, has to be on the list. (But English people don’t seem to chuckle … is a dork not a willie over there? … or are they just very good at acting grown up?)