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I have a gas stove.

What ever happened to that nice clean-cut grey-haired revisionist you used to be. You’ve really let yourself go seed man! You’re starting too look like one of them unwashed hippie-freaks or some other kind of Mother…

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>102mm is a weird number until
>you know it’s exactly 4 inches.

Talking about exactly, do you think that a 102 mm crank is in fact
101.6 mm?

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“Mikefule” <> wrote in message
> You’re not the only one to fail to understand this illogical system.
> As far as I can work it out, a 20 inch wheel is one which measures
> approximately 20 inches across when it has a standard tyre fitted -
> whatever a ‘standard tyre’ means.
> So, take the same rim and fit a fatter tyre, and the 20 inch wheel
> becomes, say, a 20.5 inch wheel.

A couple of measurements I just made. accuracy: as good as I can get it
with a tape measure.

Model: Outside tyre Rim Diameter
Passe Passe Muni 20.5" 15.5" RIM
labelled DX32
Ringmaster 20" 16.5"
DM Giraffe 20.5" 16.5"
Cheap 24" 23.5" 20.7"
The passe passe, ( I’ll call it a muni as it had a thick tyre) , has a rim
size a full inch smaller. None of this is important , I suppose, until
you come to buy a new tyre, but I still feel surprised that it was not the
rim size on which the unisize was based, surprised I had not realised the
rim was far less than 20"…and I am now travelling even more slowly than
I thought.


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“JJuggle” <> wrote in message
> Naomi,
> Idiot is such a harsh, hurtful word. You were simply
> uni-wheel-measurementally challenged.

Don’t get all PC with me. I have every right to be called an idiot.

Naomi :wink:

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those who don’t.

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More questions about 20 inch wheels

Skipping over the digressions, it seems from these messages that there are several different standard 20 inch tire sizes.

I have an old Schwinn that takes the S-7 size (which I know is not standard) and I was considering rebuilding the wheel with a standard rim. But which size will be the most standard, e.g. give me the largest selection of possible tires?

Also, given that these rims seem to have different diameters, how in the world can you figure out what length spokes you need?

My goal, by the way, is to get a nice fat (wide) tire on this old frame, since my frame is a bit wider than it once was also.

Thanks for your help.

Re: More questions about 20 inch wheels

Seeing as this was only your second post…

Look, pal, you’ll take those “digressions” and be thankful for them!

'Cause sometimes, that’s all the help you’re gonna get!


Now… skipping over those annoying digressions…

back to my pasta question…


Re: Silly Me…

>So, tell me I am not alone, not the only idiot on the planet. Anyone else
>game enough to admit they thought Unicycles were measured on rim, rather
>than tyre sizes?

Truck and car tires are labeled with the rim size. So it is very
plausible that bicycle and unicycle tires would be labeled the same
way. Unfortunately, bicycle and unicycle tires are labeled with a
number that is usually close to the actual outside diameter of the tire
after being mounted on the rim and properly inflated. Note that this
number can vary up to an inch and even more on wider tires. Also, on
bicycles and unicycles tire size can be less than an inch bigger than
the corresponding rim. This contributes to the confusion.

Many unicyclists are certain to have been confused about how unicycle
tire size is measured, but few have the courage to admit it!


Ken Fuchs <>

Yep, i’m confused…but i’m easily confused!

The sizing system we inherited from bicycles is actually very confusing. If anyone hasn’t already, check out Sheldon Brown’s take on the whole thing…

Keep in mind, though, this is a few years old, and doesn’t address the issue of the so called 20" trials rims.

Good luck…

“That’s the nice thing about standards, there are so many to choose from”