Silly cheap Nimbus X 24" at UDC

I just noticed that UDC is selling the 24" Nimbus X for a full $100 off this month.

Seems like a pretty good deal. Brings the price of that nicer uni down to around the cost of a Torker CX.

I have the 20" version of this model, and while I’m far too new for my opinions to have any real value, I’ll say that I’m really enjoying learning on it.

I might buy one if they didn’t have the ISIS hub.

Why don’t you like ISIS? I was under the impression it was the most wonderful new thing, and was slightly sad that the used Nimus Trials uni I just bought is square drive.


What is difference between the Nimbus X and the Nimbus Muni? Is the Nimbus X good for muni riding?

(have a nimbus muni myself and love it…looking for a potential cheap muni for my wife).


It should work, but it was designed as a freestyle uni. the rim is not as wide or strong as the muni rim, it uses a 22.2 mm seatpost, and the frame may only allow for a 2.5 tire. Still an insane value for the money!
I’d say go for it! My first muni was a torker lx, and this would be a definite step up from that

What? :thinking:

That uni isn’t a MUni. The only thing it would need an ISIS hub for would be those few weirdos who think they want to ride street on a 24"

I really just need to buy the frame.
I’m a freestyle freak.

I wasn’t aware that they even made trials unis with square tapered hubs.


If it was used, it was probably mislabeled. Does it have a higher volume trials tire on it?

With the double wall rim and isis tech, could this be used for hopping up and down curbs, rocks, etc? Not major big drops just stairs and such? I’m thinking of it for my almost son-in-law. Would I be better off getting him a trials uni, though he likes the 24".

no… it was just an older model. opinions are great, but get the facts straight before you confuse people.

sorry for the rant, a lot of people on this forum like to throw their opinions around like facts.

I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to say:p:o

What was an older model? The “trials” uni? Probably.

If I suddenly start calling my 8" uni made out of a wheelbarrow wheel a trials unicycle, and say that it was made for that purpose, does that suddenly transform it into a trials unicycle?

Sure, why not :roll_eyes:

It’s an older model, after all.

There were lots of lower end trials unicycles sold with square taper hubs. I have one.

Not that we have that out of the way back to the unicycle in question.

The Nimbus X 24 is sort of an oddball sort of unicycle. A skinny 24 with ISIS. All the parts that would make it great for some don’t really make it that great for others.

ISIS hub: much better interface between hub and cranks, only downside is the lack of short cranks for freestylers.

22.2mm seatpost: lets you have lots of surface on crown for foot on crown tricks (good for freestyle) but is much weaker and prone to braking.

48 spokes: Makes a very strong wheel but is harder to find replacement parts for. Not a big deal as you are unlikely to break the rim or hub. also adds a bit of weight which the gram counters don’t like.

Now my opinion is that this would be a great unicycle for something like uni-hockey or basketball and one hell of a learner unicycle. I think the thin seatpost is its only real weakness. If you want to get into MUni it does not come close to a dedicated Mountain Unicycle with a 3" tire but should let you at least allow you to hit the trails without it crumbling beneath you.

Spot on.

I’d buy it if it had 36 spokes and a square taper hub.

It’s this one here:

I bought it from JoeJumps4Fun here on the forum, and I think he listed it accurately.

I’m planning to replace the worn bits and use this to start playing with trials once I’m up to it. My needs aren’t extensive, and hopefully this will be enough to get started.

$50 for that is a really good deal, actually;)