Signs of Progress . . . .

Well, I did it! I actually rode between 60 and 70 feet today, without
falling! I don’t know the exact distance; I marked out encriments of
five feet on the sidewalk, but they only go up to sixty, because my
previous best distance was about 40 feet, and I didn’t expect to make it
more than 20 feet further than that. But for once, I don’t mind being
wrong. I sort of did a spontaneus dismount (unintentional) whitch is
what ended it. Plus, I feel like I’m able to control my speed better.
Bareling forward as fast as possible (what I’ve been doing for the past
few days) is fun. But it can have some painful results. Also, I am now
capable of turning enough to avoid objects like trees or the edge of the
sidewalk that I used to just run into. I’ve been riding for two weeks
today. I feel like now I can say that I can ride a uni and not feel like
I’m lying. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. A couple of people told
me the best bet was for me was to practice a lot, set goals, and record
how far I got; they also said that the rewards are incredible. Yup, they
were absoluteley corect on all counts.

P.S. To John Foss: The learning process as of yet has left me with no
sore muscles (thankfully). But I do have a really nasty bruise on my
knee from trying to see “just how fast I can go on this thing.”


That’s awesome, Thea, keep up the good work. I once tried racing a little
kid on his bike (still had training wheels) and he beat me every time.
Then I had him throw me a basketball while I tried to make a basket. You
can make up all sorts of things to do once you get good enough. Going fast
is a lot of fun but I like turning tight corners the best.