signed up for my schools talent show

hey! as the title says i signed up for my schools talent show. what im doin is probably nothing overly advanced. im thinking:
wheel walk
2 variations of 1 ft wheel walk
180 unispin
seat drop
and possibly a stand up ww if i feel bold enough to pull the tansition. also ill probably put in some filler stuff just to make it longer like 1 footers, backwards in circles, and seat drags. it should be fun.

also my friend is doin it with me that unis. shes gonna come out on the 5 footer…i dont know how that will work cuz she doesnt have any tricks or nothin’. should i drop her politely?

o and the music is gonna be helena its gonna be cool. wish me luck.

nah, don’t drop her.

a 5’ is always good for something…

(scary avatar, abbabibble. I’ll have nightmares!)

I was going to try to do something for my schools talant show, but I think your only allowed to sing. Honestly, How much talent does that take?

Just remember unicycling for an audience is completly different than unicycling for yourself or even other unicyclists. You really need to figure out a routine and not just a series or tricks with music playing.

A routine has a beginning a middle and an end.

As for your friend on the giraffe, don’t drop her. Is it on a stage or in a gym? A perscenium is really useful, because she can mount off-stage and then be a total surprise, but turn it into something not just your friend riding a giraffe across the stage. You need to create a relationship between your characters. Or figure something you can do together so that she’s just assisting you with a skill, like she could pull you while you glide. Figure out a way to incorporate her into your routine. Don’t drop her just because she can only ride forward.

Besides most layman audiences are far more impressed by a giraffe than even some of the level 10 skills.

I may sign up for my schools talent show this year. I can’t do anything to great, but it will be a huge step up from the guirtarists, and dancers, and singers. All thats so old, i could go out there and just ride around and people would be more interested.

Be careful with things like one foot wheel walk. We know it’s hard, but to non-riders it might be completely in-distinguishable from normal wheel walk. Stand up ww is always impressive though.


Yeah, I rode an UW in a talent show, and nobody knew that it was harder than when I was riding a normal uni. Honestly, people would rather see a jump mount on a coker than a wheel walk or uni spin on a normal sized uni.

on stage in the auditorium that sits about 400 or so and its expected to be packed.

like she could pull you while you glide.


i like that idea actually. though it may take me a day or so to get comfortable with it.

also i probably will start the routine and do a few tricks and then have her come out on the giraffe. that way the audience is just stunned.

o and we’re both going to be wearing tuxedo’s with bow ties and all. its gonna be sick.

Re: signed up for my schools talent show

“chosen” <> wrote in message
> hey! as the title says i signed up for my schools talent show. what im
> doin is probably nothing overly advanced. im thinking:

Good to have something different in a telent show, especially if the
audience do not know what your talent is. If you can surprise them, so
much the better. Practice at home, and sneak the uni in when no-one is


Teenagers are easy…after throwing the lump of meat through the bedroom
door just make damn sure you lock the bars properly back in place.

Jump rope on a uni is always a crowd pleaser. Fairly easy skill-wise but big on the audience wow factor. Do skills that you are 100% solid with and can do smoothly and contently. It’s usually not a good idea to try skills that you are only going to hit some of the time. If you do try some skills that you may miss make sure you have a planned and rehearsed recovery like how jugglers will practice what they’ll do if they drop something during a show.

wellll. almost everyone knows what im doing now. well i wouldnt say everyone but soo many lol. kinda hard for it to be a surprise now but o well.