Sightseeing-Tour this morning:

Great vid! You live around some of the most amazing scenery!
Sorry to see the broken seat bolt. (I hear they’re a real pain to replace, too!)
Good luck!

yes, and its so close and i’ve never been there before :slight_smile:

Broken bolt: really a bad thig. i really like this saddle and the bolt held a long time, but tonreplace it is a pain in the… my LBS hat to drill the seatpost and cut it new and also had to drill this plate in the saddle…

Thanks for the vid ! Great place to ride as usual !!

I liked that you included the “walk back to the cam” parts. It really shows how much more work it is to get the footage and how the ride is not as smooth as in the vid :smiley:

Have you opened yourself your Zero to change the bolt ?
Do you have more info about the cover removal (is it like old stapled covers that you peel and re-staple after) ?


i had to bring it to my mechanic, because i also couldn’t get out the rest of the bolt out of the seatpost…
i’ll pick it up tonight, i’ll post more in the evening

it was even harder than i thought… there is a small metal plate inside which has a small hole in it so you can’t get the screw out… you also can’t just drill the hile bigger to get it out, because the plate will also rotate inside of the saddle… we had to take that plate out… the cost were almost as high as a new saddle.

again. i like this saddle to ride, but this construction is awful.