Sighting in Michigan

Today around lunchtime I spotted a lone unicyclist riding west on 16 Mile (Big Beaver) in Clinton Township (north of Detroit). Between Harper and Gratiot. I was in the white semi heading east, made eye contact while blowing the air horn and giving a “thumbs up” sign. He appeared to be riding a 26 or 29 inch wheel.

Was it you?

(parenthetical comment one: I wish I knew a universal “hey I’m one of you too” hand sign I could have shown, sort of like gang signs but for unicyclists)

(parenthetical comment two: I thought there was a thread for these sightings but could not find it, oh well…)

Maybe Harper saw him too? :wink:

Michigan has spawned a lot of unicyclists, but very few are active on these forums.

Yeah! What is it about Michigan and unicycling?

(does anyone have stats on state-by-state basis of unicyclists as percentage of population?)

And regarding Harper, I’m still trying to work out whether it’s a good thing or not to have to make my brain filter out the “unicycle Harper” every time I encounter any other Harper. :smiley:

I do think we need a hand symbol.

“UNICYCLE (as in “a one wheeled bike”)” haha

yeaa there’s quite a bit of unicyclists in MI. Theres a alot of us that are part of RTUC but theres only a couple people from the club who are actually active on the forums (I wasn’t the person you saw btw lol). there’s lone unicyclists all over the place though. I’ve see a couple of the lone ones occasionally, I always tell them about the club but they never end up joining.