I tried to do SIF today (once agian I failed). Later I tried to do SIF with the seat backwords and it was extreamly easy. Does any one know how I can learn to do SIF forwards or make a seat so its like the seat is backwards? Please help.


I’m guessing you have a unicycle without a handle if not, thats a bit odd. I see what you mean about it being easier, its a smaller hold, so more grip, but the problem is riding, how’d you ride with it backwards, I’d suggest to keep practicing, SIF gets really easy, almost second nature, with practice.

Well, I have a Fusion Freeride with handles. It just seems realy wide in the back.


I see what your saying.

I think part of your problem may be that you put too much of your hand underneath the seat. I stop within the first two joints of my fingers when doing sif. Maybe the third. NEVER go far enough to where your palm is underneath the seat.

Oh, that makes sense.


It should be pretty basic on how to grab something.

Where are you holding onto the seat? I like to hold it with 3 fingers behind the seat post, my middle finger touching the the post, and my index finger in front of the post touching it. But I know others like to hold it all behind the post.

From what I remember, the freeride is a bit thicker than the street saddle, so if you are younger and have smaller hands, it may be a bit tougher to have a comfortable grip. Good thing you have a removable cover so you can mess with the foam and make it fit your needs.

Try lowering your seat some. If you have the seat up high, it is difficult to pull it out front.

Do you think the Nimbus gel saddle would be better for me, and yes I have small hands.



First of all SIB is the abreviation for Seat in Back.

I can ride SIF really well but can just barely ride SIB. I found it much harder.
Then again SIF is so much more practical. There really is not much of a practical use for SIB.


Should I use my CX seat to use as a trials seat? It’s way narower and lighter than my Fusion Freeride.