sif with rail type

i just got my new kh rail type seat post addapter but iam felling its strange when ridding sif and doing trials sif because the rail type seat post is a little big where i was supposed to grab when iam sif.

rail type is really new to me… first time using this kind of seatposts

where do you guys grab ?
its a question of training with this new advice ?

haha! This is what I replied about, about 2 years ago when I was using my KH rail type. There is no good place to grab. No matter what, it’s not comfortable. So get used to it, or buy a traditional KH post like I did.

i just cant belive it

but what is the traditional kh post you are talking about ?

i bought this addapter because i just broked 2 seatposts base before.

looks like im going to do all my trials sit in

Im talkin about either of these two posts are great for SIF.

             or this one

I broke this post too, but I had it rewelded and reinforced. Its stronger than ever now.

If you break posts (which you do) then I would strongly suggest not getting either of the seatposts suggested by musketman here, they are made of aluminium and are thus inferior to any steel post.
For frames it doesnt matter so much, but for seatposts i’d strongly suggest you get either a steel or cromo (cromolly steel) seatpost. both available at UDC for a reasonable price.

no there not, they are chromo posts muzzle.

edit: there is chromo KH seat posts on UDC I think I saw it on there before.

you can choose alloy or steel… but since we dont know wot the alloy is… i agree with muzzle though i’d go for a crmo post if u break seatposts, and i fu want light an aluminium/reinforced Aluminium one

I use a KH rail adaptor and do quite a bit of s.i.f. stuff. You get used to it after a while. I swap my grip around quite a lot, just making sure that I don’t get my fingers in the side of the rail because then they could get stuck in there and snap off :astonished:

I’m gonna make a switch back to my re-welded alu KH seatpost and see how long that holds up.

i bought this addapter because i was trying to solve my problem with seat post.

but i cant just forget the sif. i was going fine with this