sif trials

wheni am triing to do sif trials my unicycle keeps loosing balence when i land a drop or try to ride out of something. usally when the unicycle looses balence i start to loose ballence to and fall. i need halp and was wondering if any one can help


You cant just be able to hop around SIF to be able to be a good SIF trials rider.

I suggest, to get used riding SIF all the time, at first, hold it close to you and tight, and ride a lot like that, soon you can lessen your grip, and start moving the seat farther away from you. Just get very comfortable riding SIF, it will also help seatdrags and seatpushes.

Once you get very used to riding, then your trials riding will be very controlled, it will still take practice to get used to it, but it will come to you.

My biggest suggestion for u is to learn to hop onto un-eaven surfaces… I can hop very high sif (picnic talbe hight) but when I get onto rock trials I have a very hard time cauz of the un-eaven… so work on that more then your hop actually… skinnys,balance,gap then hop…

i can ride sif great. i can almost do seatdrags but i have trouble with sif trials. i guess all im going to have to do is practice. thatnks for the help

So you can ride for blocks just holding the seat with a pinky and having it as far away from your body as you can?

I am not trying to doubt that you can ride SIF, but you want to be able to ride SIF just as well as you can on the seat, being able to go backwards, everything. It just really helps.

know I can’t ride sif as good as i can seat in but i can ride good sif forwards. i guess i am ok at sif but i finally got sif hopping down. i can hop just as good if not better then i can seat in.

Thats great to hear, one good tip for SIF jumping, try to bring the tire to hit your butt.

If you look at dan heaten, or maybe it was zack, I cant remember right now, but they did a SIF up 8 pallets, and when he tucks, his tire almost or is hitting his butt pretty much. That way, you get the most height in your jumping, and it looks kool =p

heres a pick of i think kris holm doing high jump…it shows what jerrick talking about (tucking the seat under your butt)


now that i got the sif hopping(up). I need help SIF hopping forwards. I can’t hop as far forwards sif as I can seat in. i get how but for some reason i can’t get as far. i probably will work on it today

Hopping forwards was always weird for me.

What I did, I found a flat stone walk way, where its just a whole bunch of flat stones set up to make a walk way, and I used those to jump forward onto.

Or, take some chalk, and draw circles\squares on the ground and jump into those, like unicycle hopscotch, just make sure your doing it all forwards.

learn how to ride SIB. that helped alot for me. Also work on seat drag.

i can ride sib a little but i will work on it some more

Just keep tension on the seat don’t slack off on it.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is sif. trials?

Its regular trials, but you ride with the Seat In Front (SIF) it allows you to tuck more and yeah, some people like it better than having the seat in.

Theres a video from trilsuni, not trials_uni, but just trialsuni on here that shows him doing SIF on a line, its about a 10 second video.

Or got to the gallery and search “ottawa trials” to see any Ryan Atkins video. he rocks the mad lines SIF

:slight_smile: lol I searched ottawa trials, It was freaking insane. Ryan Atkins is too good.

those were good