SIF riding

I have been watching some of the videos and I noticed that all of the big jumps are SIF. I can ride fine and hop about 20" up. I can also ride with the seat out back. But for the life of me I can not seem to get rinding seat in front. If any one has some tips for riding SIF it would be greatly appreciated.

Start sif with the seat very close to your body (or hold the saddle into your body) and then progress to hold it furthur away. Practise practise practise.

despite the spelling error, muzzle summed it up pretty well.

And what a poor error that was too. Well in sick and have been stuck in bed all week so I’ll use that as an excuse for now.
Thats right kiddies, its further not furthur!


Remember though, S.I.F doesn’t mean seat in further. As soon as you can, try extend with the seat further away from your body. Kinda sounds like something George Peck or a car evacuation specialist would recommend but it really does help your SIF stuff if you condition yourself to riding with the seat further away. And before rides, make sure you always do at least 1km of squat riding, it sure works those thighs and gets you warmed up enough to do curbs. You can never have enough curbs, hweels or leg armour.

Otherwise you wont be able to hop up 60 inches, right pete?

Any experienced riders, easily.

Yea all i used to do is jump seat out in front, because i knew you could jump higher,
I can get about 24 inches, i can jump a 3 stair up, with seat in, because my seat it so low.
I just cannot get higher seat out than in idk why.

I just started riding SIF about 3 days ago.

Pretty much I am just re-learning trials. Starting small, and increasing what I do once the small stuff becomes as easy as it was seat-in.

Im still working on skinnies and the more technical lines SIF, but all the big ups and stuff were pretty easy to get used to.

Ride a lot SIF, this will help. Do SIF squats, and have your seat raised so you’re not hunched far over. Other than that, just keep practicing.

I need to work on my rolling hops again. They feel weird with such a high seat. =p

I’m just starting to work on hopping SIF. I’ll do a few hops seat-in and get to feeling comfortable with that, then I’ll pull the seat out and do a few hops. Fall off. Repeat. I figure that once I can do that comfortably and easily, I’ll be able to try riding seat out. I’ve always been the kind of rider that has to do things in small, easy steps. I’ve also just started trying to ride standing up on the pedals seat-in. That part’s pretty easy.

And kiddies, its practice not practise.

I’m not sure if this unique to me, but I found it helped alot to pull up hard on the seat (the side a bit closer to the back).

Only if you’re American…

Thanks for all the input guys I will try some of this stuff out.

I do a sort of “hybrid” riding, most stuff is seat in, but drops are all SIF. i find i have better control with seat in, and i jump higher seat in than SIF. I am trying to start jumping SIF, but not on technical stuff.

Keep going enahs!:slight_smile:

Excellent advice!

Question: Do you do anything to keep your seat ‘further’ away from you when you land on objects?

Sometimes I notice that I land with my seat closer to my chest than others…even for things of the same height.

I’ve been trying to train myself to not just pull my seat up for big hops, but push it forward. What do you, or others make of this? I always thought that’s what Zack Baldwin did for larger hops, and Ryan Atkins does somewhat the same thing, albeit with the seat not as far away from his body when he lands as Zack’s style. Am I reading into this too much, or is this a technique for getting bigger and better hops?

wow this thread rocks pinefresh that was awsome advice…

i knew all i needed to do is turn on some HXC!!!