SIF related back pain

I’ve been getting a lot of low back pain lately when riding which becomes more noticable when doing anything with seat in front. It’s become bad enough lately that I’ve had to stop riding and lay down when it happens.
Has this been an issue for anyone else? I’ve tried to do more general conditioning such as strecthing, running, biking, yoga, etc. to see if that makes a difference. Beside going to see a Chiropractor, does anyone have any suggestions to help me get back to my increasingly-neglected uni?

raise your seatpost?

Maybe the pain is a result from high drops to flat with a bad landing technique.

I used to get them just bad enough to stop riding for a 1 minute or so and all I did was raise my seat and that helped a lot. :slight_smile:

Seat height shouldn’t be a big issue unless it’s so low you can’t reach it. It’s probably got something to do with your SIF riding position. Try being more upright when possible, and see what that does. For further diagnosis send a picture of you doing some “normal” SIF riding.

Thanks all,
I’ll raise my seat when I get home from work and see if that makes a difference.
My landing technique could also probably be a bit cleaner.

Do you get it mainly from hopping onto stuff ? i used to get it alot because i hadnt learnt to tuck.i think its wrenching on the seat that does it.Once i learnt to tuck it went away completely

dude im getting the exactly same problem on my lower left but i do SI, please what is tucking! help me i wanna be able to ride again!

When hopping SIF (Seat In Front) you pull the wheel up to your but like this.