SIF pre hopping HELP

So I can static abotu 60cm SIF and 80cm SI, but I’ve been trying to get higher with a pre Hopping SIF but I stuff up all the time. I’m thinking I’m not getting enough down force when I hit the ground before the hop up…

Help please

so 60cm static sif and 80cm sif with prehop ? just hop everything with a prehop for awhile

60cm SIF. 80cm Seat in. both static. and thanks padst3r for the advice I wil do that…

80cm si static ? i dont think so thats joe hodges level

I have the same problem except I can hop 50cm sif static and about 35cm si.

I think we just need to practice. :slight_smile:

edit I didnt think it was even possible for anyone to 80cm static si sidehop.

That what I measured but I guess I will have to remeasured it this weekend when I’m at memorial park. I’ll take pics is well :slight_smile:

Yes I think so is well :slight_smile: I try an do trials every sunday but at the moment my plan is failing because my Girl friend is always wanting to do something. :frowning: :slight_smile: lol

I just remebered its a crank grab 80cm :slight_smile: if that makes a diffrecens

A 80cm si crankgrab is still good. :slight_smile:

lol should have said 80cm si static crankgrab.80cm is possible si static but its very hard

yea sorry my bad