SIF jumping question

Just been having an initial play with the new 19" trial seeing what different seat heights feel like.
As I was doing a little hopping I thought I’d try a seat in front hop but realised the back of the seat is quite wide and a bit of a squeeze to get between the legs. When people are going to do SIF do they normally mount the unicycle back to front? It would seem that it would be easier to go from on-seat to SIF with the saddle that way around but not sure how easy it is to ride back to front.
Would lowering the seat even further make it easier popping the seat forward?


When I know I’ll be SIF a lot, I keep my seat pretty low as a lot of the riding will be standing off the seat anyway. Just experiment.

Not many people do it with the seat the other way round for practical reasons like being able to switch to seat in with the handle. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it

Depends on which seat you are using. I loved my Miyata seat for freestyle, and I’ve seen a lot of people use them for street riding. But the bugger has a wide rear end so getting to SIF is always a dilema. For freestyle I switched out to a KH slim and it’s been grand.

Most trial/street/flat seats are tipped up in the front, which makes them easier to pull them into the SIF position. Your mileage will vary depending on how high/low you have the seat. If you are having trouble getting the seat between you legs:

  • Ride more up on your toes
  • Pedals horizontal for more height off the seat
  • While up on your toes, get your knees as wide as possible [/LIST]

    It’s a stuttered movement: stop for a fraction of a second with the pedals horizontal to the ground, up on your toes, pull the seat to SIF, continue riding. Over time the movement will smooth out so it doesn’t feel stuttered.

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    Stop, pedals horizontal, up on toes, knees out, pull seat out/in, ride on w/ knees in line w/ feet.

    A thinner saddle in the rear like the KH Slim would help, or just shave the one u have.

    A 1" lower seat than I’d normally like it makes it much easier to pull out, but its not too hard to get used to doing the above. Plus too much SIF w/ a low saddle hurts my back.

    Just picked up a Nimbus Trials from UDC UK…actually came with a Nimbus ‘flat’ saddle rather than the Gel saddle it’s advertised with.

    Cheers…just been out practicing. Started off by raising the saddle back up about 3cm and used the tiny bit of tilt adjustment to flatten out the seat a bit. Feels much, much better already. The ‘up on your toes’ advice was very good and it promotes spreading the knees which makes a bit more room for that fat-arsed saddle to slip through.
    Managed to get the saddle out front a few times but couldn’t keep the uni balanced (side to side) for more than a bounce or two. Still, I can feel it coming together.
    Thanks for the advice guys…


    Besides hopping SIF it helps to learn to ride SIF as well. That will actually help you balance for hopping.

    To ride SIF pull the seat through your legs like you already have, pull the seat back against your body very firmly, place both hands on the seat with your thumbs pointing forward and wrists nearly touching, lock your elbows and push down on the seat with most of your weight, ride away.

    Pushing down on the seat helps keep it from falling side-to-side. It’s like you are sitting on the seat with your hands.