SIF hopping

hey all i was wondering if someone could help with a tutorial on how to effectively sif hop as at the moment i can only hop about 20cm high with the seat under me

any help appreciated.

thanks in advance,

raise your seat. hold on right around where the seatpost connects… practice.what kind of saddle do you have???

Raise your seat to a little under crotch level from feet on floor. Grab one handed your preferred side a little behind seatpost on seat.

I would actually practice SI at the moment. SIF is for more advanced trials riders who have good pedal balance and need more tuck.

I have a Gel saddel branded nimbus. (it seems a bit fat?)

its kinda medium. i agree with danni. practice SI untill yuo get pretty good. i dont even ride SIF yet…i dont really care about it cause i can do everything i like to do SI. if you really want to spend a little money and get a Kris Holm street sadddle.alot better.

i am just learing sif i can do 40 cm si in so im giving this ago

Ryan Atkins made a SIF hop tutorial a long time ago and I found it and uploaded it to my youtube account. HERE hope it helps.

Ive hit the 40 cm mark SI. do you think its time to start learning SIF?

i would say start working your self into it by going pretty slow at first. but yea. when ever your ready i say try it…

Yah once you can do about 40 on every try I’d start learning SIF, that’s what I did…

thanks everyone for the advice, il start learning tomorrow!

I was hitting around 25 inches before I went to SIF. I dont know what that is in CM. lol

It is advisable to get over 24 inches (60cm) before going sif. Going to poles and stuff like that is really hard SIF. Having a decent SI will help loads.

A good tip when learning sif is to do everything sif for awhile until you can get over your si height.Then just practice both rolling si and sif side hops.Also try doing your trials lines in the least hops you can.

thanks :smiley: we still gotta go for a ride sometime… but its hard now the holidays are over lol
btw, whens ur next movie due out?

It will probably be finished over the next 2 weeks :).I am also making a vid of myself for the can you handle it ? video comp on these forums.Do you ride everyday ?

i was thinking of making a vid for that competition but im not good enough lol.
yeah i ride every day :smiley: this is kinda off topic… lol pm if u want

I’ve only been unicycling 4-5 months and I can hop SIF but haven’t attempted going up anything SIF. I can hop 35cm SI absolute max. How do people jump so high? Even seat in. I guess I’ll just keep practising.

O and can anyone give any tips on long jumps forward while riding? Like when people jump down stairs etc. and they are riding quite fast as they take off.


sorry but whats a SIF jump i wanna learn it

SIF = seat in front
SI = seat in

The reason people can get so high SI is because they do it rolling and bend at the waist after take off to get the uni up higher.People get high SIF because they tuck the wheel up to their bum and the seat up high when they jump.