SIF hopping help plz...

so im movin along with my trials training ang i can now pull the seat out and stall for a bit then put it back in…but whenever i try to hopp i have no control whatsoever…its feels like trying to hop in sand… my tire pressure is right and i just dont get why i cant get it down. is it a matter of proper form or is it just practice?


practice. ride sif. practice still standing sif. practice hopping, and more importantly for me, tucking. i’d crouch a little then stand up. tha’s how i learned sif better.

I have just managed to get my sif hops bigger and more confident than my seat in hops so yipeeeeeeeeee!!! I think if you practice it will come quicker (obviously) but i never practiced much so…

I would just keep ridin and occasionnaly practice them when you feel to want to.


I learned how to do them while standing on the cranks originaly, and now I’m having similar problems, I can hop almost as high as I used to but landing is much harder, I just practiced, not too much but not too little, practice until you feel you aren’t getting anywhere then work on something else.

hey, just keep practicing it just takes a little time to adjust to making corrections with your arm… i would also reccomend learning sif gapping… though it is a personal thing it did at least increase not only my gap size but also it’s easier to land on smaller objects after a big gap!
just keep it up

Don’t worry, your reaction to SIF is quite common. I’m learning SIF myself… when I started it was like having to learn how to hop, drop and roll all over again… (even the great gerblefranklin said so himself!) after a while I’m finding I can hop much higher with SIF than seat-in. It just takes a lot of practice (perhaps more than it took you to learn seat-in moves) and patience, and you’ll get it!

I’m also finding that there are some things that I must do differently when doing SIF moves (as compared to seat-in). One example: side gapping… side gapping seat-in, you don’t need to worry so much about your tire’s orientation on the landing. You can do a big side gap and land with your tire completely sideways and it’s not much of a problem. Once you take your seat out, however, you’ll find that the uni wants to fall over if you land with your tire sideways. In my experience, I’ve found it easier to land big sideways gaps SIF by turning my tire 45 degrees or so in mid-air so my tire isn’t completely sideways on landing.

Good luck, let us know how you do!

ive been learning that the past couple of days so i could do the unispins… i learned that if you hold the sif and hop but push it into one of your legs or both if your small enough. it helps the saddle stay stable.