sif hopping (forwards)

I posted this in the tutorial forum but i figured I would get more replies here. on the tittle says it all. I need help with hopping forwards sif

i have been practicing it but i still need a little help

It becomes easier with practice. Owen was helping me with sif this weekend and he said just practice. Your legs will become stronger and you will find its all more comfortable than seat in.

Also Zack told me that a good excersize is to stall sif and crouch down till your butt touches the tire and then go back up and repeat. Its like doing squats on your uni, it not only increases your leg strength but it also helps your balance cuz you have to hold the sif stall for a few seconds to go down then up again.

Hope that helps

i was reading about what zack told you earlier today when i was searching for stuff and it helped me a little. I can hop sif jumping up just as good as i can seat it but what i have trouble with is hopping forwards.

Well that excersise should help with balance and strength so i stand by that as you best way of improving for now.

thanks. I have been working on it some this after noon but i can’t really do it because we are suppose to be having a bad storm and its been rain but i have did it a little in my living room and it is harder then i thought it would be

Yeah its quite a challenge to do. Thats why it helps so much!

im still trying to get it because I have only touched the wheel like 3 or 4 times. hey does anyone else have any help becuase if this is help plus even more help itshould equal double the help. 9sorry if that confussed anyone because it did me(me alot of stuff i do confusses me)). ok can any one help me more

You can do a funny trick that I do for fun, do a stillstand while SIF, then bend down and touch the ground. Handplant! lol, its like what your doing but going down even farther, other than that, jsut keep practicing, I think most of it comes from fear, while leaning foward to jump, but just do it, your not gonna wreck that bad, and if you do, get up and try agian.