Sif Help---confused?

Hello everyone,

I know that you’ve all seen similar threads a hundred times, but I’ll let you know I read all the threads but none seem to answer my question.

For 1, I keep hearing people saying
Start 2-3 feet out,
compress you tire fully,
Jump toward/up the object,

*Shouldn’t there be…(between Start 2-3 feet out and compress you tire fully)…jump 1 to 1.5 towards the object

Also, I hear the common phrase timing and tucking, I get what you guys mean by tucking, but timing?

I dont start far away from the object, im actually within a foot from it when im jumping. Just jump wherever is going to work for you. Some people start back further to do a prehop and when I jump up something, I dont use a prehop, so im just pretty close to the object and just go straight up.

The timing is when to do everything. When to bring the tire up to give you the max height of your jump and stuff.

I prefer that method myself but I still want to improve my prehop skills to see if I can go higher.