Sif Hand Placement... Which way to gap?

I think I’m a bit of an odd one. I’m reasonably new to unicycling, so I’m still very easily influenced and learn different ways very quickly.

I mount right foot, can do some left foot mounting.
Hold right handed.
Mainly hop left up things and to do pedal/crank grabs, but can hop right for crank grabs. Also I seem to prefer hopping down stuuf to the right (hopping down and turning 90deg).

Does this seem strange?!

I’m with unidunc and mouse.

right hand, right foot forward with hop, hop right, mount with left foot (at least I think~ I push up on my left foot to get on unicycle) spin left.

Guys, I agree with Maestro here,

I used to jump right with my right foot forward holding with right hand, but I switched to jump left with my right foot forward holding seat with right hand. And seriously, I could do my record height in 10 trys than I could of 100 tries the other way

right hand
right foot
jump to the left