Sif Hand Placement... Which way to gap?

When I hop SIF, I use my right hand to hold the seat. At this point, I gap and jump up stuff to the right. However, I’ve noticed that 99% of the riders I’ve seen who hold the seat with their right hand gap and jump to the left. Should I practice jumping to the left and do that? Is there a benefit to this?

Also, most unispin tutorials say to spin the uni with the front hand, which they claim is the strongest. But if I hold the uni with my right hand, which is my stronger arm, do I just spin the uni with my weaker arm?

Thanks in advance for the help.

You should use the hand oposite the front foot forward and gap towards your front foot. This way works best for pedal grabbing and is more stable. I know some people do it back pedal and are good at it but you shouldnt do it if you can help it. Unsipin with your hands on the opposite side as your front foot. And spin it cw if right foot forward and ccw if left foot forwards.

Don’t worry about the front pedal / back pedal business… that’s all personal preference. I know riders who can land big ups no problem either orientation.

As to the direction of your hop, hand placement starts making a difference when you’re doing big sidehops or big hops straight to rubber.

In order to stick the landing on a big sidehop you’ll need to tilt the unicycle away from the direction you’re landing (to absorb your sideways momentum). That’s much harder to do when you’re holding the same side of the seat as the direction you’re hopping; your arm will have to move across your body and it might peel your hand off the seat in the process.

Holding the side of the seat opposite the direction you’re jumping (right hand, left hop) is easiest, IMHO, but not absolutely necessary.

I hold the seat with my right and hop to my left.

I hold the seat with my right hand with my left foot back and hop to my left, I can crank grab the tops of picnic tables seat in and SIF now.

i use left hand, left foot first, i hop to the right more so.

Left hand, right foot, gap right.

Spin right, mount left.

right hand, right foot, gap left.

very nice. This is just personal preference but I think thats the best you could have. cause then you can mount straight into hopping, hop up curbs and other things easily while staying on your side of the road, and pedalgrabing is way easier, plus grinding.

i usually hop with my left foot forward and hold it woth my right hand,
but i gap to the right.

yesterday i tried gapping to the left and i find it easier to jump up things now.
but i still cant jump as far side ways over gaps .

do most people that use right hand gap to left?

Left foot forward with right hand, gap to the left, spin to the left, mount with the left foot.

Thats the same as me. I used to use me left hand but found I couldn’t do much, once I switched everything is a lot easier.

I think I might be a goofy unicyclist:

right hand on seat
side hop to right
right crank in front on crankgrabs and hops
mount with right foot

I’m left handed…go figure

i put my left foot forward, hold seat with right hand, and jump to the right.

totally thought you were about to break out in some hokey pokey for a minute

hold right hand
right foot forward
hop to the left
mount with left foot

Almost like my friend Joel except he mounts with his right foot.

i do it this way, but it doesn’t matter, the guy i used to ride with could do everything the same as I could and he held it the same as me, but jumped the opposite direction, crank grabbed opposite, spins the same direction though.

Im exactly the same however im right handed.
Any further enlightment on this subject would be benificial to me before I go and spend the next few months re-learning to jump either with my left hand holding the seat, or keeping my hand the same and jumping left.


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I crank grab with the back foot, but I think apart from which foot I have forward I do everything else normal. Having the opposite foot forward is only really a problem for grinding, not crankgrabs.