Sif grip

Would someone mind posting a picture of how they grip the seat when they do trials sif. I’m trying to switch from si to sif, but it seems whats getting in my way each time I practice sif is I’m losing my grip on the seat when I hopp. A picture or description would be nice. thanks.

Im in the process of changing from si to sif also…
I find with sif i am holding the seat with the opposite hand i do when si.
I hold the seat under the back corner, but am trying out a few different techniques at the mo.
Sorry this doesnt really answer your thread, just thought i’d say what i am doing regarding sif.

so am i. i also hold the seat opposit when im doing sif rather tahn si. and i also hold it in thae back corner.

hold it where it feels most comfortable. I find if I have my fingers behind the seat post it works well. you may be losing grip because you have the wrong type of saddle ( it is too fat) and also when you start hopping sif it feels awkward until you get use to it.

Tell me bout it! at first when i tried to hop i hopped backwards!
But now i’m fine:)

i grab it right in the middle by the skinny part.(right at the seat post) i change where i grab leading up to unispins or whatnot, but for normal trials i ride with my right hand at the skinny part. if you watch a lot of vids youll see that many ppl hold them in many diff spots.

i use my right hand and grab it so my index finger it almost/barely touching the seatpost.

you have to get used to grabbing the seat tightly. its not as comfortable as a handle…

My opinion:

  1. Grab the seat as seen in Borgschulze’s picture (about the middle, but more towards the back).
  2. Grab the seat with the hand OPPOSITE to your forward foot.

IE: I hop left foot forward, right foot back, and hold my SIF with my right hand. Petal grab towards the forward foot.

Doing #2 helped me get better, faster, despite my initial tendency was the opposite. I didn’t know why it was so hard for me until Bevan pointed it out…


i ride the same way you do ecept i pedal grab towards my back foot…is that bad?

it makes it harder to hop. usually if your right handed (left foor first, holding saddle with right hand) your hop will be stronger/better to the left.

Yes, I’m right foot forward.

I’m also right handed.

On a bike I bunnyhop left foot forward though…

I hope a little better to the right, it’s more comfortable, but can do the same distance left.

On a bike, I can hop left better…

I spin right on both though.

Thanks everyone for your replys. They really helped alot, especially the picture. It’s too dark at my house today, so I’ll tell you guys how it goes tomorrow.

I hold it mostly straight above the seatpost. Slightly back maybe. but not much.

I think whether you are left or right handed is much less relevant with unicycling than it is say with baseball. I’m left handed yet I ride left foot first and right hand on the saddle. I hold it with my little finger up against the back bumper, so towards the back.