SIF for the narrow/short guys/gals

I am very narrowly built and my legs arent very long. The KH street seat seems very wide to me. I cut down the foam on the back sides to the plastic but its hard to get out in front of me. Any hints or a seat mod or will it just suck being so small? I want to get it in front to do a uni spin one day. :slight_smile: I guess riding with it in front I have to pedal with my knees out?

Yeah, I’ve got the same problem and the same seat. I can’t get the seat out in front without bowing my knees, and when I do that I fall over. It’ll be alright for a while though - I’m still working on SI hopping.

Try starting out SIF by using a jump mount. That way you don’t have to pull the seat out and you will be able to get used to SIF. Make sure you are pulling up on the saddle when you mount though because it is way more wobbly at first.

I heard the nimbus seat is narrower but not sure if that would make a difference as I cut my KH down a touch already. I cant really even pull it out without struggle even with one hand on the wall. I have to put my knees out like riding a bull and isnt easy to balance that way lol. Still trying to get the hops too. I’m wondering if this might be an impossible trick for the lanky 5 foot nothings. :angry: Too bad they dont make a KH kiddie seat lol. :o

It’s practice more than anything. You have to be comfortable enough riding SIF that you can bow your legs out a little to pull the seat out. It shouldn’t just slide out from your normal riding position.

oh crap, I cant do that either lol! :astonished: I guess I gotta stick to learning hopping and curbs for now then.