SIF Achievement and Idling help

Last night when I was practicing, I just decided to mess around a few times and see if I could stall, put the seat out and back in, and ride away. I tried that a few times, and it wasn’t as hard as I though it would be, but I still wasn’t getting it. I eventually was able to get it, and got it up to about 50 percent of the time…yay for me…now about idling…
Which foot should be down? dominant? When I hop, i put my right (strong) foot in front, which I’m told is different, would that affect which foot to put in front for idling?

well i put my dominant foot on top but idk that much about it.

practise with both feet, do it a few times with left till u fall off then do right this way you wont only be ablt to idle with left foot down, or right

i think anyways