sideways wheel walk

Well im stuck in my basement because of thunder storms, so i was wondering if anyone had any tips on sideways wheel walking?

That’s when you hold yourself up on your seat with your hands and look like a crab right?

If so, I think a good tip is, make sure your stiffener plate isn’t broken.

this is on my DX, and yes it is, heres a video of a guy doing it.
Ive seen many ppl do it, so I wanna, I can slide the wheel with my foot 4 times.

Get good at standing on wheel hoping and then slowly walk a teeny bit to the side the faster and faster. Requires a lot of weight on the ends of the seet.
and on a corker

When it stops raining agian, ill maby make a photo of me doing a little sideways wheel walking. I can get about 2-3 meters sometimes, gotten a little better throughout the day, pretty kool.

The two most important points about sideways ww are probably:

  1. The knees should be in line with the seat (right and left), not behind it. Looks a bit like a frog :slight_smile:
  2. The weight should be almost completely on the seat, not your legs. So your center of mass has to be above the seat as well.

I find it easier not to start from hopping on wheel, but from the ground (with the forward foot already on the wheel).

3 steering goes by bending for/back-ward
4 position of hands can make a major difference

here’s a clip of the 1ft’ed variant of this skill.

i reckon it should be called the crab wheel walk. no tips sorry. i cant do them either

Or just Crab-walk?

it only really looks like a crab if you cross your arms over the seat. This also leads to you having your body positioned much lower.

i used to do it like that but ive realised its easier and looks better if you just hold the seat ends with the corresponding hands, placing all your weight on the seat. This puts your body much higher up relative to the unicycle and looks less ‘crab’ XD.

Weight goes through the seat, not the wheel. You should be kicking the wheel along its motion with the leading foot. Once you get reasonably proficient you will find you dont really need the second foot, although it does give extra control and i sometimes use it to slow the wheel when i go back to pedals. You dont actually put that much effort into pushing the wheel if you are doing it properly.