Sideways Wheel Walk

So for the past 2 days I have been working on some sideways wheel walking. So far I can only go 1 rev but its getting better. Does anyone have some good tips for me?

I made a short movie of my progress and it’s here.

I’m not that good at it yet about the same as you by the sounds of things but I always get batter results when I put all the weight of my body on my arms and harfly any on my legs and feet
hope that helps a bit good luck


looks like your on the right track…but …why is your trials wheel set on a kh 24" frame?

did you have t fo that crankflip

nice, you’re doing well.

has anyone ever broken a seat doing sideways wheelwalk, by putting too much weight on the ends? I assume a CF base would be better for this…

I lost the seat post shim in my trials frame so I can’t put a seat on it.

Well I am using a CF seat so I don’t have to worry about that.

oh yeah…i thought you had gotten the shim already.

nothing to do with the sideways ww but is the bigger frame with the smaller wheel easy for flips? i noticed mike clarks is the same way in defect.

Nope, it makes no difference at all. You can’t even tell the frame is too big when riding it. I think Mike Clark has the 24" frame because the 20" united doesn’t have much (or any?) clearance on a trials wheel.

You seem to have the idea pretty well. Make sure to put all your weight on the seat. Work on making your pushes as smooth as possible. Concentrate on your right foot, since it does most of the driving and steering. The other foot isn’t really even necessary. As you advance, experiment with one-footed sideways wheel walk, with the free foot extended, on the frame, or draped over the saddle. You can also try the running jump mount into sideways glide, which isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds, if you do it only a short distance. Sideways wheel walk took me many long months to learn (partly because I started when I wasn’t that good yet), but it’s definitely worth it. Just the other day, I did it in a circle fot the first time.:slight_smile: