sideways wheel walk- help!


Anyone have any good tips for learning the sideways wheel walk?

My understanding is that you start by hopping on the wheel, and then put
most of your weight on your arms, with the seat slightly out in front of
you (ie not jammed against you). The foot in front does the pushing, and
the foot in back does the braking.

Is this right? Does anyone have any suggestions for learning how to do



Hey Kris,

Practice trying to start sideways ww 50 times. Then once you get the feel of what it feels like to be on top of the wheel, concentrate on your seat.

You may get 5 feet consistantly, but you will never master it until you learn how to ww sideways while moving your seat so that it keeps you balanced.

Good luck! I’m sure you won’t need it though! You are so talented that it should come after a few tries!

Right on,

7 Years+ since the last post…now…
Having trouble, practicing for quiet awhile now and I’m not getting anywhere, I think it’s to do with frustration. And also I don’t know where to put my feet, how far to push, and with the back foot and don’t know how to brake it or put pressure on it etc… How do I overcome this?

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Thank you for resurrecting this thread. It is always better to have an old thread brought back to life than adding another to the search results, plus this one has some nice tips.

I would recommend practicing from the ground first, preferably on a side walk, then making sure you are never locking your legs (like for hopping on the wheel), keep trying to make it one side walk block, then go for two and so on.

It is also very important to remember to keep your weight on your seat and not on your legs. It is kind of hard to tell what you are doing wrong though, without seeing you actually trying it. It isn’t really a hard skill to learn to do a bit, but it is hard to master. I was able to teach a bunch of Korean kids the basics without even being able to speak to them, but I was able to see what they were doing and show them how to fix their problems.

What do you mean by “practicing from the ground first”. And in 2-foot sideways wwing (I know there is 1-foot sideways wwing as well), does your foot ever glide after the push like it does in 1 foot wwing?

It can glide, and I mean start practicing like without jumping from the pedals to the wheel. Just start with one foot on the ground and one on the tire, then push off from the ground as you push with the foot on the tire. Don’t be afraid either to put some pressure on the tire, and resist pushing like you would on a normal wheel walk.

It really is the same idea as a regular wheel walk, just sideways, the biggest thing is how you put your weight on the seat.

Sideways ww has just started clicking in the last few weeks. I used to not put my weight on the seat and I could sorta jump the sideways ww 1 rev but could never get anymore than that. Then recently I tried starting from a mount and really put my weight on the seat (the cf base really helps) and I did around 2 revs with ease. That same day I got 2 revs, starting from pedals and ending on the pedals, and around 3 with out getting back to the pedals. Now I’ve been getting 3-4 revs and I’m getting farther. It is a super fun trick/skill!

If you are having a hard time going to or from pedals, try doing it like Luke does and keeping the seat underneith you. It feels a bit awkward at first, but you have more control and it is easier to stay on top of the unicycle. It is also easier to go back to pedals from this, and it is less hassle to jump into.

Yeah I really (really really) keep it under me just like him. I find it much easier.

I have been having trouble with this as well. I kinda jump. I guess that means I have to put more weight on the seat. I find it easier to to do it closed, or with the seat between my legs.

Ok, I’ve just been getting a bit frustrated lately because after learning a few tricks very quickly, this thing where “learn every trick in 1 day” has drifted into my body, and when I don’t learn a trick in a day I go apes.

^ Maybe not quite rite and a bit exaggerated…

Is there any adivce on the general leg movement? I find it hard, like when to put the braking foot on and how long for etc…

i find that its easiest to push of with your front foot and lift your back fooot as you push in a jumping motion.
like eli mentioned i tend to do little jumps.

When you´re training at a trick, not sideways ww you probably unicycling forwards from a spot and doing the trick at another spot, on the way back to the spot where you start unicycling in, try to do a try every time you´re on your way back to the main spot, hard to explain but maby you can understand something of it, hmm.