Sidewalls come over rim while riding- HELP

So this has been happening for maybe 4 months now and I’m getting so upset.
I’ll be riding, not necesarrily doing tricks, and the sidewalls will literally come off the rim. Why in the world is my tire doing this? It’s as though I’m riding a a tire that is too big, but I’m not. Any ideas on how I can keep the tire on while I ride?

Maybe your tire is too big. What’s the exact tire and rim? If you can’t identify the rim, what’s the unicycle?

No it does fit I’m sure. It’s a KH 19" rim with a white try-all.

My friend turned it inside out once, maybe that affected the bead?

Is your rim round? because on my old rim I used to be able to take my tire off really easily because it was flatspotted.

bad bead on the tire is all i can imagine… tehehe or maybe you should put a lil air in your tire;)

Do they make the white try-all in 20 (front)?

Yeah they do, but it was mine before I sent it to him and I’m 100% sure it’s 19", as I rode it on a 19" TryAll rim for ages.


Sounds like he has a broken bead.

My tire happened to go out of the rim when I had too low pressure. Then at some tight turn or something it was popping out of the rim.
If you think you have enough air, try removing the tyre and checking if there are any irregularities in shape. If they are, maybe you can make it a bit more regular.

Possible problems:

  • Broken/damaged bead
  • defective manufacture of tire
  • out-of-round rim
  • defective rim manufacture

I’ve had tires that blew off the rim due to poor installation, that were never the same afterward due to the stress of the blow-off. I had to throw the tire away.

Same thing happened to me with the Gazza Jr. 26x2.6 recently. Don’t really know what to blame it on but because it then happewned again and again I bought another tire then. Problem solved.

I had the same problem with 2 Gazzaloddi 3.0 tires on a 24" Large Marge. The only other time I had that problem was with a very old 700c rim.

Sometimes the awesome tire isn’t so.