Sidewalk ripping

Some poetry by Jay Hatfield. He sent me this back in March, and when I told him
I thought it was cool, he said go ahead and edit it if necessary and share it.
Since it looked like he had just tossed it off the top of his head, I worked it
a little bit, but mostly left it alone:


I’m near ecstasy! one wheel right music night lighting curb cuts hard core
concrete innercity performance maxing to the max I’m dancing to the rhythm of
one wheel blistering hot between my legs so in control of my needs in heat
for more more more more more more more Only a uni cyclist can understand I
perform for my own bliss knowing no other drug or excitement as cool as
ripping up Peachtree street at midnight with my girlfriend watching and
everyone in limousines screaming out the window ROCK ON MAN! girls whistling
and waving I ride on

enjoying the sweat on my back and the ease of the Balance of the Dance that puts
me in the Trance one wwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeelllll Romance.

But with the right gloves, I can fall dowwwwnnnnnnn with the right seat, I can
go farther with the right shock, I can shock more unbelievers Shock on… Rock
on Let’s do it. Call me. Jay

Jay Hatfield The sidewalk surfer 404-843-2500

Enjoy, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“China put the ‘K’ in quality.” - Woody Hooten, USA Team member, commenting on
his experiences in China for UNICON X