Can someone give me some tips on the sidespin. It seems impossible to me. What are the hand motions and how do you get it back under you.

I never heard of a Sidespin, so if someone could also throw in a definition/description or video of one, that would be great too.

A sidespin is where your leg wraps around the unicycle (kinda)

Video Examples:

360 Sidespin

540 Sidespin

A sidespin is where your leg wraps around the unicycle (kinda)

Video Examples:

360 Sidespins

540 Sidespins
(2nd trick)

I think there’s a 720 sidespin in a french vid, but I can’t remember which one

Edit: ugh, is there a way to not have the vids imbedded? I just wanted a list with links

You can see Adrien doing a side 720 in During and After Unicon or Keuknicon…Not sure now…!

It is in Keuknicon.


But people. lets stay on topic, any tips on these?

Ah thanks for the vids. I landed one after a while of practice. Mine dont look as good as kevins tho. His are awesome. mine barely look that different from a normal 3 spin. Any ways does anyone have any more tips.

Also has anyone done a sidespin from seat in back. That would be cool.

O I have another question. Does the direction that you unispin dictate what side of your body your body you’re going to do the sidespin on.

In Koxx one’s Vid: Its not going to happen: Barcelona, Loic Does a inward sidespin (to sib) to blind inward sidespin (from sib).

Yes, the leg you spin towards will be the one “wraping”… If You spin clockwise the uni will go to the right, and vice versa.

Thanks for posting the vids. I’ve wondered what it was and never knew.

That trick is going on my eventual to-do list for sure.

Wow, thanks for posting all the vids! Like a Unispin (as in Standard Skill), only with one leg going around the side of the seat.

Sometimes landed SIB, which looks much better than just SI, IMO, as it’s much more dramatic.:slight_smile:

Any vid for it?

Has anyone ever done a side big spin?


At 2:09

Can someone post more tips. I’m still having trouble. I don’t know how to get it back under myself. I have almost landed some to SIB but that’s almost impossible to roll out of.