Sidespin without the spin

What is it called when you do a sidespin but without the spin?

Since crankflips with a leg around are called Sideflips, I think it would make sense if no footers with a leg around were called Side No Footer.

And that’s always how I’ve called those anyways.


Just call them sides. Side no footers is way to long a name.

Sides seems too short and vague. Its like the trick “53s”

Call them wrap hops or wrap jumps or something.

even tho its vague I still think the name side is better. Trick names are getting riduculous. btw what is 53’s.

A 53 is an inward varialroll, some french riders call it that.

I call sidespins without the spin sides too.

It’s a nickname for an inward varial roll. Mat Belot was the first to land it and the trick was 53 seconds into the koxx flat team vid. I think it was Arthur Caron who started calling it 53s, its a pretty bad name though.

I’ve also been thinking that this trick needs a name. Sidehop??? Oh wait thats taken by some weird style called trials :stuck_out_tongue:

hasn`t it been called side jump :thinking:
raphael pöham calls it so i think:D

I think side jump sounds most like what the trick is. But then you have some very similar sounding tricks (side jump and side hop)…then again, maybe that problem’s just a drop in the bucket.

i have always thought of it as a 0 degrees sidespin :smiley: