Sideroll, No footer to backflip, and Kickflip!!!

I just landed a varialkickflip and I wanted to know if anyone has landed it before. It is from seat in to seat out, but the twist is a little iffy… has anyone else even landed outkickflips???(I was on a roll today)

I’ve almost landed outkickflips. Haven’t tried for awhile though.

I think varial kickflips may be easier though. They somehow sound easier. I’m going to try them next time I ride.

Was I first to land them??? :thinking: outkicks are easier than varial kicks, because I suck at getting the full 180.:wink:

Perhaps you were.

You never know these days though. Not everyone posts a video as soon as they learn a new trick. I sure don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I’m totally gona try varialkicks and revisit outkicks for the first time since early summer.

yeah I know haha. I wish everyone would. I sure do! :roll_eyes: Good luck, they didn’t give me too much trouble, it took about 45 minutes to stick both of them for the first time, and it took about 5 minutes to get outkicks consistant.

Since you like posting tricks right when you learn them, you should make your own trick clip thread (like clip of the week kinda but you post instantly or whatever).

haha :roll_eyes:

Lol there’s no way i’m working on one trick for more than 15 minutes… That’s not how I do things… Well… the outfifthside was an exception :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah… I’ll contribute a few minutes to both of them

I dont think he was trying to be funny.:o

That’s a good idea. I think I’ll start one this weekend. Should I put it in Unicycling Videos or RSU??? :thinking:

i know i just thought it was a bit humorous is all but i think it is a good idea don’t get me wrong. :wink:


Correct me if i’m wrong, but Stutterflip (at least the concept) was thought up by the late Pete Marchant, who passed the idea onto Shaun J, from memory.

The way he and I had originally envisaged it was a flip to backflip

I dont think that kickflip is a trick that everyone can do, like sidespin “lol at chris :D” its a mental trick that you realy need to control your mouvement, by the way you look a great rider that I never heard about, if you want add my msn , would be great.

OH MY GOD DOUBLE POST!!! hehe pele when I wanted to land 540spin, I was practicing it like a hour per day and getting REALLLLLLLYYYYYY “o rly? ya rly!” MAD AT IT, and im still getting mad because I land like a 540spin each 100000000 try. WHY GOD TELL ME WHY!!