sidehops with bigger tires

As we know, sidehops are most often executed on a 20" trials tire. The better riders can hop well over a meter high using this setup.

On a 24" or 26" muni, a rider’s max sidehop height must be significantly lower. But by how much? What are your experiences with sidehops on larger tires?

Interestingly, in an older post by Kris Holm, he said that the 24" record was only a few centimeters lower than the 20" record (95 cm to 87.2 cm).

Jacob Spera can hit 105 rolling with a 24, if you want I can find the link. And thats massive even compared to rolling hops on trials unicycles. I dunno what the difference is for strictly sidehops though, all the good trials riders that I know of use a 19" unicycle.

right now ive been doing all my riding with a 24inch and i havent noticed any difference in anything besides doing techy tricks. I can actually do a higher rolling hop on the 24inch because i can go faster and with that i get more momentum.

I dont know how a 24inch would be for trials though, i mainly stick with street and for street i think a 24inch is the best thing ever. You can go fast with it and with the bigger tire its much smoother for rolling over things.

Let’s see it.

To be fair, a 24" or 26" muni set up correctly could match and beat a typical trials sized uni in sidehops and rolling.

In biketrials, the maximum sidehop and any obstacle mounting move for that matter (taps, pedalups, hooks, up to fronts, etc.) is bigger on a 26" by a couple of inches at least. The obvious advantages being bigger wheels carry momentum better and you’re starting off on a higher plane than on a 20" wheel which can give the psychological edge when going for a big hop.

The only reasons I see that bigger wheels up to 26" aren’t making an impact in the trials scene is mainly down to: lack of popularity/awareness of advantages, scarier to fall off or mess up on, and most set ups being purely directed more towards the XC/DH side of riding.

That being said, Danni on this forum shreds pretty hard on a 24" trials uni, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the talented folk on here tried out a 26" or 24" set up for trials ended up getting further/higher than on their smaller unis.

If anyone’s interested in giving this a shot I’d recommend first looking into what rear tyres are popular on 26" or 24" trials bikes. 24"-wise, there’s not much out there that’s great for pure trials for the time being since 24" trials bikes have typically been streety BMX hybrids (like the Inspired bikes) and only recently have 24" ‘pure’ trials bikes come about.

26" wise, good tyre for trials are 26x2.5 size (those 3" monsters used on DH/FR set up munis are holding back)

  1. Continental Der Kaiser
  2. Continental Rain King/Der Baron
  3. Maxxis Minion Dual Ply (42a Super Tacky compound)
  4. Maxxis High Roller Dual Ply (42a)
  5. Maxxis Swamp Thing (42a)
  6. Try-All Stiky Light kevlar folding
  7. Try-All Stiky regular
  8. Continental Rubber Queen/Trail King (2.4")… {bear in mind for trials these tyres are only good for bouncing on and are awful in pinch protection and compound grip compared to all the other tyres… by a longshot, totally objectively speaking}

Of all those tyres the Conti Der Kaiser and Rain King/Der Baron are the best, especially noticeable on any off-camber surfaces like natural terrain. Those two tyres have a unique sticky version of Conti’s famous Black Chilli compound making it both grippier and last longer than all the other compounds on other tyres (including Conti’s regular Black Chilli as seen on the Rubber Queens). But… they are expensive tyres!

Good luck to those who want to try it out, and it’d definitely be a step forward and an innovation for unicycle trials!

There are some really good riders on 24" munis for trials here. I’m starting this winter because I never ride my trials uni in the snow, I still dont know how high I am for sidehops and rollhops, but my sidehop is alot lower than my trials, as my rollhop, I’m getting pretty good on the 24" probably because of the speed I get like JacobSpera said.

and then theres krisz…

no words can describe the beast that is krisz kovacs

This has not been the impression I’ve got from looking at other posts… If true, there is a lot of potential for other wheel sizes in trials.

The standard trials setup is also more maneuverable with a smaller tire; I don’t think anyone would want a 26" for a lot of skinny riding or technical pedal grabs.

Ha, this is true, but it would also be take more energy/explosiveness to initiate this momentum, right? Perhaps tire size matters less on bikes because the tuck is less important. It’s obvious that you can tuck farther with a smaller wheel on both unicycles or bikes. So in order to hop higher on a 24" or 26" than on a 20", the advantages of the increased momentum and psychological edge you mentioned would have to overcome the disadvantage of not being able to have a compact tuck. I guess it could be possible…

I’m thinking about buying a 26er soon and I may buy some trials components just to see if it works. It would be cool to have a unicycle that could be used for both light muni and serious natural trials.

Plus he is doing over 120cm up ledges.