sidehop/highjump survey

I just wanted to know average side hop and highjump stats so i decided to do a survey. This is for any level of rider so all stats are welcome. just post your highjump and side hop and how long you’ve been riding. Like this:

highjump: 64 cm
sidehop: 156 cm
time riding: 1 year


side hop and high jump are synonymous in your case.

What you’re talking about is a static gap.

if you don’t know the exact measurements it’s alright if you just guess.

ya sorry, i knew that i just got mixed up. But it doesn’t have to be static, your allowed a pre-hop just not a rolling hop

high jump: ~40 cm
long jump: 180 cm

With a little more time to practice, I think I’d manage a 2m long jump and 50 cm high jump. Both of these were done SI, but oddly, I did no pre-hop for the long jump, but I did one for the high jump…