sidehop endurance.

this was last year sometime, i only just got a copy of the pictures.

i can tell you my whole body was aching so much i had to walk to the pub to celebrate.

Rather you than me!

Well done!

Was the slipperiness of the stones a big problem?


the sliperiness was less of a problem than i anticipated.

i just saw it and it had to be done.

Hmmm, Fun!


Cool sequence of photos. Do you know how many stones there are? Did you make it the whole way without putting your foot down?

Re: sidehop endurance.

I hope you didn’t have to hop back across to get to the pub. :slight_smile:

Some of the old construction that you have in the UK is quite interesting. Pictures of trials on interesting things makes for interesting pictures.

Woohoo! Cool.

there were about 40 stepping stones, give or take a few.

and the only time i fell off was on my first attempt, on the 3rd step!
luckily i managed not to fall in. (by the skin of my teeth) i think i haddn’t warmed up properly.i went back to the start to get a clean run. (thinking i’d probably fall in at some point)
ironically once i left the pub i rode through a 1" deep puddle hit a rock and fell on my ass in the mud.

as soon as we get broadband at the office i’ll put some videos up of other silly stuff.

Re: Re: sidehop endurance.

stirling castle would be great for trials but i don’t think i’d ever work there as a jester again if anyone saw me.