*Sideflip Competition*

Haha, I’m out.

I was going for it last night, and it feels impossible…

Good luck to everyone else,


love this trick, havent landed it, but it has the coolest feeling when i get close…

stuck it a couple times ill get it soon…but not today:)

I’m in…

Soon as my ankle heals up :p.

Howd this happen?

haha, i’m pleased that a lot of people like this tricks
good job to everyone, i think i’m the first that landed it, the first time it took me 45min

Trying an outfifthdouble down a 5 set…

Trying a trick hes never landed, down a big ass set :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes Bob, you make some sick tricks

i wrote that cause i want to motivate people to land it, and i don’t ride street and i really want to see someone bust it down a stair set cause i don’t have the balls to do it

got it, and the red white and blue color scheme was a coincidence…

anyway, enjoy:)


I don’t know if I wanna try this… I land pretty painful doing this off small drops and I hate doing that to my pedals/cranks :stuck_out_tongue: loose…

Haha, that seems very fitting.

Heal up soon so you can try it again Pele.


awesome! I’m not even close:o

yaa i finally got one, not longneck though cause im short.

ya everything in that vid was sketchy but i was just happy to land that trick:)

i am in
nearly landed one a week ago or so felix only landed it because i tried it :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this on a Uni.

i’m in :smiley:

I have no idea how to kick and jump same time. this trick is so hard. but ill land it :smiley:
edit: boubousse, felix landed it down a table.

Did he? I thought he broke his seatpost in the attempt? Well, I probably remember wrong.

I’m I 2nd? :smiley:
and aren’t there trophys? :stuck_out_tongue:

:))–O Sideflip 1.st place O–(:slight_smile:

:))–O Sideflip 2.nd place O–(:slight_smile:

:))–O Sideflip 3.rd place O–(:slight_smile:

i just made som for you guys :wink:

Edit: just qoute my post and copy all the stuff for your place:p