*Sideflip Competition*


Not many people are doing this, and it’s an awesome trick. So I thought this would be a good chance to make it more popular.

  1. must be landed on flat
  2. You must not have landed a sideflip before
  3. must be 19" wheel or bigger
  4. videos must be clear enough to see the trick
  5. seat can be backwards or normal
  6. the comp starts as soon as 4 people have entered:p

And I’m in.

edit: Just add rules if I missed any.

I’m in.

I got close to sidebacks and sidefakies the other day.

That was fast :astonished:

and cool:)

im in.

I’m in :wink:


Can be done on asphalt or grass.

yes I forgot that one:p

edit: the competition has started XD

what’s a SideFlip? I will try it when I’ll know what it is… or maybe not:p

It’s a sidejump, which is likea 360 sidespin, but without the 360, but with a crankflip in it.

So a crankflip + a sidejump.


Cool… But I’m not in then, it looks a bit to hard for me:(

Im in :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also in :wink:

ill be in, ive never side jumped before but ill just do this first, ya heard?

ya, me too, I have to learn the side jump.

If you can 180 sidespin it is very simple.

new rule?

It can be two or one handed.

I just learned to sidejump the other day … and I’m not super consistent, but I think it’s all in my head :slight_smile:


yeah sure:)

edit: haha emile you have to enter first :stuck_out_tongue:

i´m in ,too

Youre lucky i didnt join :stuck_out_tongue: I landed it today 3 times so i would have won :smiley:

im in

I love this trick, but mine look so ugly…