Side Zig-Zag Giraffe


A friend of mine is making a unicycle collection, he is loking for a giraffe like this:

Do you know where can I find one of them? New/Used? You know anyone capable of buiding one?

Thanks in advance!!


Tom Miller could do it. That’s exactly the kind of thing he does for a living.

(765) 452-2692

Kokomo, Indiana, USA

Peter Rosendahl’s is the only one I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never even seen that one in person. I’ve only seen others in illustrations, like old circus/entertainer posters.

Yes, Tom/Tommy is the one to talk to. Be prepared to talk for a while though…

I guess the zigzag makes it hard (or at least weird) to ride. If the rider accellerates, he turns left at the same time. Front/aft zigzag would not have that issue, but might not turn that many heads either. Or not as violently, at least.

Malte Knapp from Sweden has a Zig-Zag unicycle too

Now I’ve seen two. I don’t know anything about Malte Knapp, but I’ll take a guess that he got the idea from Peter Rosendahl (who is also from Sweden).

My assumption is that the hard part about riding his zig-zag is the fact that if you’re riding in a straight line it’s tilted to the side. This must feel pretty odd at first. I doubt the acceleration thing would be a problem as long as you’ve got a grip on the seat (with your legs) but that probably takes getting used to as well…

I’ve seen a couple of videos of these before but these are the best I’ve seen. Still amazes me every time I watch.