side rides??

ok, this sucks… i can’t side ride the way i like my seat… my leg doesn’t want to fit in there :frowning: or am I just not doing it right?

not side ride… sorry … ride w/ the seat on the side …

I suspect that you mean seat on side rather than side ride.

Squat down more. That will allow your leg to fit between the tire and the seat.

What size and type of unicycle are you using for seat on side? Seat on side is very difficult (painful for the leg when the tire rips the skin off) on a 24x3 muni with long cranks. Much easier on a 20" or a standard 24".

it is a 20" w/ a 2.125 tire , but i like the seat sort of short… ill go try it

Try not having the seat so much on the side, just have it sortof in the corner, then ease it as far to the side as is comfortable. After awhle you just get more used to it. :slight_smile:

thanks people :slight_smile: ill try it tomorrow … :slight_smile: