Side mount with foot around twice

I’ve been working on this mount for a long time, and have had very little success. No matter how hard I work at it, I just can’t nail it consistently. I can do the standard side mount and reverse side mount with ease, but I nearly always fall off when trying to swing my leg around twice. I must be missing something important, because I’ve never had this much trouble mastering a mount before. Any tips or advice?


Well… since you said “anyone”…

I’ve done this a few times, but, I’m sure, never got as consistent as you already are. But here are some ideas about consistency.

– Standardize your feet and pedal locations.
– Standardize your hand location and the tilt of the uni, both front-back and side-side.
– Standardize your breathing before the mount. Let out half your air before the mount (idea courtesy of Gild).
– The first time around is very different from the second. Study this and let each be each.
– Practice 3x around as well. This will help stabilize 2x.
– Practice going into different types of riding. For example, try to ride away backwards instead of forwards. This again will help stabilize the normal case.
– Resolve to make 50 successful mounts every day for a month, regardless of the number of attempts. After a while your body will get tired of missing and start getting more efficient. Your best number may not be 50, but don’t set it too low.

Some ideas, anyway. I have used these ideas for other skills with good success.