side-mount question

Hey gang,
My hats off to you who can do those crazy mounts!
I was tired of doing the same old static mounts (I can do left or right) so I thought of trying a “cool looking” side-mount, instead of sticking the uni seat on my crotch to mount while people are watching. :smiley: (I get alot of attention from people when I mount my Coker, they all want to know HOW anyone gets on the BIG uni)
I admit, I am bit scared. I dread that I’d fall on my Coker and hurt myself AND damage my uni, so I dare not try it. My WORST fear is; I’d be without my Coker for days/weeks cause I damaged it. I need to ride everyday! (it’s an obsession, my wife thinks) :roll_eyes:
But last night after a fantastic dusk ride(feeling really greasy and nimble) I would try it. I attempted to side-mount about 20 times. And to my surprise I did not fall but was able to get on the seat few times! BUT, I was not able to RIDE OFF on the uni. Wow! What a development! Does anyone have tips on how to side-mount AND ride off?

My method, so far:
I put the left peddal on the 3 o’clock position, put my left foot on the peddal, then hold the seat with my right hand then attempt to swing my right foot forward.

Here’s a video which may help.

I learned on the Coker, though, after doing it a lot on a 20".

Re: side-mount question

I don’t ride a coker, so take my advice with that in mind.

I learned to side mount on a 26" uni (27" actual diameter), and
managed to warp the wheel after a few successful mounts. I understand
the standard coker wheel isn’t very strong, so be careful. Learning
on a smaller wheel might let you transfer skills to the coker without
abusing it. Or not.

As for the mount itself, the video looks rigth to me. Start with one
pedal at 6 O’clock and toss the other leg atound while pulling the
saddle in place. At that point you hopefully sitting in balance with
zero momentum, so you have to roll back before you can go forward.
Idling skill helps here.