Side Hops

Hey how do you increase your distance and height for side hops. i keep on trying heeps on time, but am having a hard time.
any advise would greatly be appreciated

you increase your distance by hopping further and you increase your height by hopping higher. you’re welcome

Start with something at a height you can hop every attempt and slowly increase it as you can hop the new height. Do the same for gapping, hope this helps :slight_smile:

also, try and get your technique good whilst you’re still learning, otherwise when you get better you’ll have to drop your height and work on your technique which is very frustrating.


don’t use prehops till you’re real good at static.

when i started hoppin sif, i immediately started with prehops…got up to 30", but eventually realized i was just bouncing up there and wasn’t tucking. so i had to start over with static sif at 10". so learn to get about 30" static before adding prehops, then you’ll have good technique.