Side hops: perhaps the dumbest of all tricks.

What do y’all think is the dumbest trick on the IUF skills list? My vote goes for side hops, a trick I just learned last night. :roll_eyes: In case you aren’t familiar with this skill, here is a video I made. (Sorry if it’s a little big for that short a clip, but at least the quality is better than my freestyle movie of a few months ago.) It’s still kind of fun, though.:slight_smile:

yeah, that trick doesn’t seem to serve much of a point… except it’s kinda fun. And it might help to learn crank idling, or side riding, or… something. I dunno.

I think the dumbest trick is riding stomach on the seat, it’s just downright stupid. so stupid, that I refuse to do it. if I ever get tested for the levels, I won’t get past level three or whatever, because I simply won’t ride with my stomach on the seat.

I am with you all the way, my friends seem to think that that is cooler than a piroette or like one foot or somthing. They always tell me to do that, and it isnt cool i learned it like a week after i could ride, i dont like it…


i agree those test rules are a bit suspect, kinda like they ran out of ideas and had to add a little filler.

i for one prefer this list

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of stomach on seat riding, but it is kind of useful for the hand wheel walk stomach on seat transitions. Of course hand wheel walking stomach on seat is pretty dumb too, in my opinion, since it’s so much more fun sitting on the seat. Also, stomach on seat riding can lead up to chin on seat riding which is also dumb, but still kind of fun. So basically it’s dumb, but useful for learning other dumb stuff. :sunglasses:

Re: Side hops: perhaps the dumbest of all tricks.

Side Hops are dumb, but the Tree Grab has to be the dumbest. I mean, there just ain’t a lot happening there.

Just what kind of cctv suveillance does this Rick Bissell have that he can not only see me learning but knows what I’m dreaming… :astonished:

sorry off topic but

level ten of that other list is really harsh!!

stand beside unicycle without touching it for 4 hours on a beautiful Autumn Saturday morning

hahahahahahahah that is awsome

Your parents let you ride inside? on carpet? Oh yea… do you dress up for unicycling?


level 1 , stick finger in nose as far as possible.

Yeah sidehops are retarted, i’m suprised you even tried ^^. But DK does got a point, you need to seriously think about buying some new clothes. I will now follow up with links to where you can buy clothes that don’t look like yours.

And I don’t care what anyone says womens belts are bad ass.

Shut up. I’d rather wear flannel than that gay ass shit you linked to.

Hot Topic? Are you a 12 year old girl who wants to be a vampire when she grows up?

Exactly. Hot topic is the biggest poser store there is. besides, goth kids pissme off, but not as bad as the dirty emo losers :D. Buy from real local stores and if there arent any of them, improvise. Dogpile is my favorite clothes make, but i dont wear their cerap everyday. If there isn’t somewwhere that sells dogpile near you, go to (sorry if this seems like advertising)
same goes for PACSUN-go to your local board shop and buy your ugly skater clothes :roll_eyes:

yeah, i hate those crappy stores whoever said they are for posers is right., good will and salvation army are really nice stores… i dont care what people say they have really nice cheap clothes, but the only thing hot topic is good for is band posters… and you cnat diss jsm for how he dresses becuase he can stand up wheel walk.


Wow! Stand-up wheel walk seems to have given me a lot of freedom. What do I get if I learn stand-up coasting? :smiley:

I would like to say that the best place to buy clothes is VALUE VILLAGE

i like kohls and marshalls myself… and for coats and what not the salvation army…


That’s were most of my clothes come from. I usually only shop there on everything 50% off day, though.